Gorkha Barpak Homestay in Tent

Published Date: 2015-09-20 20:41:31

‘Can I still go for Gorkha Barpak trekking after earthquake?’ is the question that we are frequently asked at Poonhill trekking. So, we are happy to inform you that Poonhill trekking has been offering Gorkha Barpak Homestay in Tent after the tragic Nepal earthquake of 25th April 2015. The epicentre of earthquake was in Barpak of Gorkha. Thus, Barpak is the most devastated place. Death toll reached 72 people in Barpak alone. Almost all of the houses are destroyed as the result of earthquake. People are staying in tents. Previously, there were 22homes available for home stay in Barpak which was able to accommodate 88 visitors in a single time.
 We are working towards reviving tourism in Barpak by joining hands with locals. People are greeting visitors with garland and khada (Lama scarf) and inviting them to stay in tent. Since they have become homeless, they are compelled to live in temporary settlements like tents. Barpak became popular in national and international arena as the epicentre of earthquake and since then lots of visitors have taken Barpak Village Tour.
Tent stay in Barpak can be something different experience than your regular homestays. Come and feel the difference. Show some support and pull smile on the innocent faces.
This is your opportunity to do something for humanity that really matters. You can travel anywhere for the sake of pleasure but by joining our homestay in Barpak, you can put some ointment in the pain of locals and tell them that they are not alone in this difficult time.
Barpak has also been the place of interest for those who wish to conduct research on earthquake. These visitors are finding difficulty in accommodation which led the initiators to reopen Gorkha Barpak Homestay.
We operate Barpak Village Homestay package that includes your accommodation in tent, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Contact us for exciting Gorkha Barpak Homestay in Tent at best price.


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